Scuba Certification


Why Scuba?

There are many reasons to learn to scuba dive. For many it is the love of the ocean, for others it opens doors to new adventures. Scuba is a great sport that will provide endless opportunities to explore an undersea world that few see first hand. 

What is Scuba Certification?

Scuba certification is the process of learning to scuba dive and reaching industry benchmarks to show your competency. During the certification process you will learn how your scuba equipment works, scuba physics, and much more. All of this is to ensure that you have the training to be a safe diver.

Steps to Scuba Certification

First, select an Instructor. Selecting a scuba instructor that you feel comfortable with is the most important step.  Discuss your desire for scuba certification and your goals with your instructor. Remember, scuba is not a natural act. You are going to learn to dive underwater, using life support equipment. Choose your instructor wisely, this person is going to teach you the fundamentals of diving safely. Mike Massaro is an excellent choice to provide your scuba training. 

Scuba Academics

Once you talk with your Instructor and register for the class you will need to complete your academic requirements. You can choose to do your scuba class online or in a traditional setting. Most students choose online as it allows you to work at your own pace.

Pool Training and Check Out Dives

Once you complete your academics, your instructor will schedule your pool training sessions. During these sessions you will learn about your scuba equipment and wear it in the pool for the first time. You will learn many skills in the pool that will build your confidence and prepare you for your check-out dives.

Your check-out dives are a series of dives that will test your skills and knowledge of scuba. These dives are completed under the direct supervision of your instructor. Once successfully completed you will have earned your OPEN WATER SCUBA CERTIFICATION.