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Deep Diver Course

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Continue your Scuba Adventure with the Deep Diver Certification Course! With Deep Diver you will extend the depths of your diving from 60ft to 130ft. Your Deep Diver Certification Course at Trilogy Dive Center includes the following:

1) Deep Diver E-Learning

2) Narcosis Training in our Hyperbaric Chamber - ONLY Trilogy Dive Center can provide this level of learning and education to you. You will dive safely to a max depth of 165' to experience the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis. During the dive you will play cognitive games to measure the effects of narcosis and learn the signs and symptoms to help keep you aware on your dives. 

3) Scuba Gear - Your gear rental is included but you will need to provide mask, fins, snorkel, and boots. Everything else is provided for you!

4) Dive Sites - Your dive site admission is included with your course. 

You must be Open Water Certified to take the Deep Diver Certification Course. Please contact Trilogy Dive Center with any questions that you may have. The shop phone is (813)425-3500 and email is scuba@trilogyscuba.com.

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