Why Scuba?

There are many reasons to learn to scuba dive and get scuba certified in Tampa. For many it is the love of the ocean, for others, it opens doors to new adventures. Scuba is a great sport that will provide endless opportunities to explore an undersea world that few see first hand. Scuba lessons and certification is easy and Trilogy Dive Center can give you more adventures to enjoy!

What is Scuba Certification?

Scuba certification in Tampa is easy. It involves the the process of learning to scuba dive and reaching industry benchmarks to show your competency. During the scuba certification process you will learn how your scuba equipment works, learn to use your equipment in a pool, and use those skills in actual scuba dives. All of this is to ensure that you have the training to be a safe diver. Trilogy Dive Center provides a comprehensive scuba certification course that goes beyond the minimums to ensure you are ready to scuba on your own!

Trilogy Dive Center's Scuba Certification course is conducted over two weekends, although other schedules can be arranged to fit your schedule. This scuba certification course provides more instructor interaction, more time under the water, and more scuba certification check out dives. This is the premier scuba certification course in Tampa!

Steps to Scuba Certification in Tampa!

Remember, scuba is not a natural act. You are going to learn to dive underwater, using life support equipment. Your Instructor is going to teach you the fundamentals of diving safely. The Trilogy Dive Center Scuba Instruction Team is an excellent choice to provide your scuba training. They will provide the training you need that will not only earn your certification but teach you to dive safely.


Scuba Academics

Once you register for your scuba certification course you will need to complete your academic requirements. You will complete your scuba academics online, this is a great option as you can work at your own pace. You will need to complete the online e-learning prior to attending your first scheduled course session at Trilogy Dive Center.  You will attend a classroom session at Trilogy Dive Center with your scuba instructor. This session will provide the foundation for future learning as a scuba diver and this is a critical step in your scuba certification. You will review online academic material, learn dive tables, and learn how to assemble equipment. Trilogy Dive Center provides the most thorough training available. We strongly believe that a new diver must be given the exposure to equipment and diving procedures to ensure the diver feels comfortable in the water and is ready for their scuba adventure.  

Pool Training and Check Out Dives

Typically you will go straight to the pool once you complete your classroom session. You will learn a variety of skills during your pool training including how to wear and adjust the equipment and use it in the pool for the first time. You will learn other skills in the pool that will build your confidence and prepare you for your check-out dives.You will not proceed with your scuba certification until you feel comfortable in the pool and show that you can comfortably perform the essential scuba skills. The Trilogy Dive Center Team are experts at getting you through these skills to get your scuba certification.

Your check-out dives are a series of dives that will test your skills and knowledge of scuba and teach you new skills. You will complete 6 Open Water Dives over 2 days for your certification. You will complete 3 dives per day and each dive will include assembly of gear, doing pre-dive checks, then entering the water for skills demonstration. You will end your day with cleaning your gear and preparing it for the next diving day, and completing your log book. These are full days of training! Your 6 dives are conducted at freshwater sites. Locations vary based on schedule of course and on student request. Freshwater sites are ideal as they are generally unaffected by weather. This means that your certification course is not interrupted and you complete your course on time. Once you have successfully completed the academics, pool training, and open water dives, you will have earned your OPEN WATER SCUBA CERTIFICATION!

Trilogy Dive Center includes the following certification upgrades for your Open Water Course. While not mandatory or required, our experience shows these upgrades tend to complete your course and better prepares you for diving. Speak with your instructor if you have questions on these upgrades. 

Dive Computer Course: You will learn about your dive computer during class and pool training but we offer a one hour computer course that includes a dive in our hyperbaric chamber! The dive serves a few purposes. First, doing a "dive" in the hyperbaric chamber provides the same pressure as you would feel in an actual scuba dive. The difference is that you can talk with your instructor. This is a huge benefit when diving as you can ask questions and know that you understand your instructor.  Secondly, the pressure in the chamber allows you to learn how to properly equalize or "clear" your ears. You will dive to 60feet on your chamber dive, and this gives you ample practice for when you actually conduct your open water dives. Lastly, you will learn dive computer operations under actual diving conditions. You will see your computer work in real time, able to ask your instructor questions, and know that when you hit the open water you will understand how your computer operates and what you are looking at. Doing a class in a functioning hyperbaric chamber isnt widely available and you will not find this option available anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Come experience the "Blue Monster" only at Trilogy Dive Center! 

Nitrox Course: Our scuba tanks contain compressed air but with Nitrox Certification you can dive a mix of Nitrox in your scuba tanks. The air we breathe has 21% oxygen, Nitrox contains more than 21% oxygen and up to 40% oxygen for recreational scuba divers. Why should I dive Nitrox? Great question! Nitrox allows for a longer dive and shorter surface interval. You will learn why when you take the course. Trilogy Dive Center prefers to give the Nitrox course in person. It is a 4 hour course that is scheduled week nights and on the weekends. It is best to do after you have completed your online academics and your first open water dives so you are familiar with diving on air. 

Only at Trilogy Dive Center will you get:

1) Two Days of Pool Work

2) Hyperbaric Chamber Dive Computer Class

3) Nitrox Class

4) Six (6) Open Water Check Out Dives


Choose Trilogy Dive Center for your scuba certification in Tampa Bay. Our team will work with you through your scuba certification to ensure you become scuba certified safetly, and on your schedule. Learning to Scuba Dive is the start of an incredible underwater adventure. Start that Adventure today with Trllogy Dive Center in Tampa!!


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Hyperbaric Chamber at Trilogy Dive Center in Tampa, Florida.