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Get Scuba Certified with Trilogy Dive Center!!

Listed above are several Open Water Scuba courses. We have flexible schedules for scuba certification courses. If you do not see dates that will work for you, please let us know and we can create a schedule that works for you. We can provide you with weekend or week day classes. You also have the option of starting your scuba training in Tampa and completing your scuba certification in South Florida or the Florida Keys.

Private and small group classes are available. Contact Trilogy Dive Center for more information on having a private course. 

Open Water Scuba Diver (OW) - The $499 covers the entire course: e-learning, pool, and check out dives! Fins, Mask, Snorkel, and booties are not included in the course. Trilogy Dive Center students receive a 15% discount on all required equipment. There is a great selection of fins, mask, and snorkels to choose from. Please come in prior to your class to purchase all required equipment for your scuba certification. Day one of the course is a full day. Meet at Trilogy Dive Center early, complete paperwork, get fitted for gear, and head out for pool work. Day two is your check out dives #1 and #2. Typically we go to Lake Denton for check out dives #1 and #2. Day two is your last two check out dives, #3 and #4. 

Enhanced Open Water Scuba Diver (EOW) - The Enhanced Open Water Scuba Diver course is similar to above for your pool work and first set of check out dives. To complete your course you will have two days of diving with a dive charter in Jupiter, West Palm, Pompano Beach, or the Florida Keys. This is a great opportunity to add additional diving experience under the watchful eye of your instructor. This option gives you a total of 6 dives in your certification process. You will have the opportunity to pursue additional dive training on your second day of diving. If you are interested in the ultimate certification experience look through our courses and select one with EOW in the title. You can also ask our shop about this option and see what dives are planned to accomodate your schedule. 

Optional Gulf Dives - Some weekend classes have the option of doing an additional set of dives with their instructor. When this option is available it is an additional $150 and will be on the Sunday following your final certification dives. You will receive an email when you register for your class with course information. If the Gulf Dive option is available it will be announced in the email you receive prior to class. Contact Trilogy Dive Center if you have any questions on the Optional Gulf Dives. 

Please call our shop at (813) 425-3500 or email scuba@trilogyscuba.com for more information on our scuba certification packages. 

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