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Get Scuba Certified with Trilogy Dive Center!!

Listed above are several Open Water Scuba courses. We have flexible schedules for scuba certification courses. If you do not see dates that will work for you, please let us know and we can create a schedule that works for you. We can provide you with weekend or week day classes. You also have the option of starting your scuba training in Tampa and completing your scuba certification in South Florida, Florida Keys, or virtually anywhere in the world. 

Private and small group classes are available. Contact Trilogy Dive Center for more information on having a private course. Private Courses are great for busy professionals and families, and those wanting smaller, intimate classes. Private courses can be arranged for any level scuba certification. 

Scuba certification is a lot of fun. It involves the process of learning to scuba dive and reaching industry benchmarks to show your competency. During your scuba certification course, you will learn how your scuba equipment works, learn to use your equipment in a pool, and use those skills in actual scuba dives. All of this is to ensure that you have the training to be a safe diver. Trilogy Dive Center provides a comprehensive scuba certification course that goes beyond the minimums to ensure you are ready to scuba on your own!

Open Water Scuba Diver (OW) - The $599 covers the entire course: e-learning, pool, and check out dives! You will complete 6 dives in your certification course, 3 dives per training day. These are full days of fun and hard work. Fins, Mask, Snorkel, and booties are not included in the course. Trilogy Dive Center students receive a 15% discount on all required equipment. There is a great selection of fins, mask, and snorkels to choose from. Please come in prior to your class to purchase all required equipment for your scuba certification. Trilogy Dive Center provides the most complete scuba certification experience in Tampa Bay!

What is Included in your Class?

1) Academics - most complete their academics online and will do a review in the classroom. Traditional face to face classes are available as well.

2) Hyperbaric Chamber "Dry" Dive - Only available at Trilogy Dive Center, you will dive to 60 feet, learn to equalize (clear) your ears, and learn how to use your dive computer. 

3) Pool Training - We will learn skills in the pool and practice until comfortable.

4) Open Water Dives - You have the opportunity to complete Six (6) Open Water Check Out Dives. Dive Site fees are included in your certification fees.

5) Nitrox Certification - Trilogy Dive Center adds Nitrox Certification to your Open Water Course at no additional charge. 

Not only are you meeting the minimum standards for scuba certification, but you are gaining much more when choosing Trilogy Dive Center for your Open Water Scuba Certification training. Trilogy Dive Center provides you with more dives, more experience, and more training than any one else. And no one can offer you the opportunity to enhance your learning experience in an operational hyperbaric chamber. 


Choose one of the class dates above to begin your training. Trilogy Dive Center will work with you to personalize your scuba training experience and get you certified.

Please call our shop at (813) 425-3500 or email scuba@trilogyscuba.com for more information on our scuba certification packages. 

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