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Introduction to Hyperbaric Chambers and Recompression Therapy

As divers we learn a lot about DCS (the bends) and hear about recompression chambers. How many have actually seen a chamber or taken a chamber dive? This course is a 4 hour classroom course and includes a chamber dive. You will learn more about DCS and DCS treatment. You will learn about how chambers operate and the differences between hyperbaric, decompression, and recompression chambers.The classroom session is 2 hours Friday evening, and the chamber dives are 2 hours on Saturday morning. We will discuss chamber safety on night one and give you guidance on what to wear and what to bring with you on Saturday. This will be a fun class and give you the opportunity to experience a chamber dive! Bring your logbook and dive computer. We will log your chamber dives.

Narcosis Training

This is a very unique course that is available for any dive certification level. The training event is about 2 hours and includes 1 chamber diver. You will have a safety briefing and classroom presentation on narcosis. You will then enter the hyperbaric chamber for an air dive. You will complete fun cognitive tests starting at 60 feet. Every 10 feet you will conduct another test to see the effect of compressed air and the onset of nitrogen narcosis. Bring your dive computers if you have one, if not, we have computers available. You can log this dive in your logbook. This is a fun and educational event that every diver should experience. The hyperbaric chamber is a dry environment. Although we call this a "dive" it is a dry dive. An instructor will be with you inside the chamber to answer your questions and conduct your cognitive testing. You must be fit for diving, so no congestion and ability to clear. 

Dive Medical Technician

Trilogy is one of only Seven (7) approved Dive Medical Technician programs in the United States.  The DMT program teaches the student hyperbaric treatment options for divers. It includes diving physics, diving physiology, treatment therapies, signs/symptoms of DCS and AGE, and many other topics. It is open to anyone interested in hyperbaric medicine but you must be a Paramedic/EMT/Nurse to sit for board certification. The DMT course is a minimum of 40 hours and typically runs Monday - Friday. Our course is approved by Florida EMS for 40 CEUs for Paramedics and EMTs.

Diving Medical Responder

The Diving Medical Responder is a 4 day course for Public Safety Dive Teams, Scientific Divers, Scuba Instructors, Dive Masters, and anyone that wants a solid foundation in diving medicine. It includes physics/physiology of diving, signs/symptoms of DCS and AGE, Field Treatment of Diving Accidents, and much more. Scuba Instructors and Dive Masters have the option of adding the DAN Instructor Qualification Course (DAN IQC) to the DMR program for an additional fee. This is the most comprehensive diving first aid course available for non-medical personnel and a great foundation for becoming a DAN Instructor. 

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