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Nitrox Certification

What is Nitrox? Scuba divers used compressed air in scuba tanks for diving. Air contains 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen. Increased partial pressures of Nitrogen is what limits our dive times and also causes Nitrogen Narcosis. How do we reduce the amount of Nitrogen in the air that we breathe? Simply add Oxygen to our breathing gas! Nitrox Certification will allow the recreational scuba diver to use between 22% and 40% Oxygen in their breathing gas. This increased Oxygen will increase dive times, and reduce surface intervals. The Nitrox Certification class will teach you how to choose the Best Mix for your dive, how to compute Partial Pressures of gases in your mix, and teach you how to safely analyze and dive your gas. 

Why Choose Trilogy Dive Center for your Nitrox Certification? When you walk into our shop and see our hyperbaric chamber you will realize that we are not your average dive shop. We understand Nitrox and other advanced gases as it is used for treatment gas in hyperbaric medicine. If you want to learn Nitrox, Trilogy Dive Center is your choice. We are the only dive shop in the area that teaches and practices hyperbaric medicine, teaches and practices emergency medicine, and supports commercial diving operations. 

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