Trilogy Dive Center has a very unique piece of equipment to use in our dive training and dive medicine programs. It is a 28' x 72" Dual Lock Hyperbaric Chamber capable of chamber operations to 258fsw. The chamber will easily accomodate 12 to 15 divers during our training events. Training can be as simple as 60fsw dives to learn computer operations, check ears, and experience pressure to complex decompression dive training. Trilogy provides Dive Medical Technician (DMT) Certification Program through the National Board of Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Technology (, one of only seven approved DMT programs in the United States.

In addition to the training opportunities listed below, Trilogy Dive Center invites Dive Shops and Instructors to bring their students to our chamber to provide training. Contact to explore options for your group.

Dive Computer Training 

Have you mastered your dive computer? If not, come join the Trilogy Dive Center team for a one hour class on using your dive computer. You will start in the classroom learning fundamentals of operation. Then the classroom moves to the Hyperbaric Chamber where you will have a one hour dive at 60fsw to completely understand how your dive computer works. 

During the dive our staff will work with you so that you understand the settings and display features of your computer. This is a great opportunity to actually use your computer under pressure while also having the ability to talk with your instructor. 

We are knowledgeable on all brands of computers. Send us your make/model of computer so we can download your user manual for use in class. All brands will function in the chamber. 

No computer necessary. If you do not own a computer but still interested in how the computer works, you can use one of Trilogy's computers during your class. Class size is limited so bring your scuba buddies and sign up today!

Narcosis Nights

Nitrogen Narcosis is the result of increased Partial Pressure of Nitrogen as we dive deeper down the water column. Narcosis is generally believed to start around 100fsw when diving on air and the effects increase as we dive deeper. Many factors contribute to Nitrogen Narcosis and it has been described as Euphoric or Acting Care Free. You can experience Narcosis in the safety of our Hyperbaric Chamber and get an idea of what it feels like so that you are prepared if it should appear during your dive.

Narcosis Nights begins with a short classroom presentation on Narcosis, followed by a Chamber Safety Briefing. After the briefing you will take a quick tour of the chamber then enter and prepare for your dive. You will descend at approximately 20fpm in the chamber allowing you time to clear your ears. As you approach 100fsw you will start playing cognitive games to test your mental acuity. The dive will continue to 130fsw with a short stop to ensure everyone is good to continue.We can dive you to a depth of 165fsw before returning to surface.  

Narcosis Nights is open to any level of certification. It does get warm in the chamber so you may want to bring a change of clothes for after your dive. You will be in the chamber with two Trilogy Dive Center Staff members that will provide safety oversight during your dive and lead you through your cognitive activities. 

This is a great opportunity to learn about hyperbaric chambers, take a ride, and get narked!